Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Someone I know doesn't meditate much on what is good, but simply does it as best as it is understood, without any obvious or immediate gain and in surprising measure. Instead of imitating the example, of course, I set myself to think: Does good exist and, if so, what is it?

"The important thing is kindness," my friend said.


"The important thing is to be kind to everyone."

Years ago I believed that. If all we shared, if all loved each other, if… If nothing! What is this mass of humans, this human anthill, for? To sell, to buy, to eat, to have sex, to bathe, to sleep. To wake up to repeat the same thing.

We don't love, we don't share. We are deeply and irremediably selfish.

We get to want one another, now and then. That is to say, we share selfishness: she fulfills him, he fulfills her, they run together selling, buying, eating, having sex, bathing, sleeping, waking, repeating.

From time to time an altruistic impulse arises; it's selfishness more carefully camouflaged: I want to feel I am good.

We don't deserve kindness.

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Anonymous said...

First, "good" works with "bad" : so since we want to avoid bad we want good by reflex.
Human beings dont have just a body, but a soul - in the widest meaning of the term .
Therefore to your list "to eat, to sleep, to have sex..." you should add : to dream, to read and write poetry, to argue etc . And so, focuse on those pleasures.
Finally, "good" in itslef doesnt exist, I suppose that to be good, to do good , to feel good may be different, no ?