Tuesday, November 21, 2006

RIH Awards

In response to the unanimously apotheotic response to the death of economist Milton Friedman, I am hereby beginning an occasional series, the Rot In Hell awards, to note the reasons why, if there was a hell, certain famous newly dead individuals richly deserve to rot there, despite the public claptrap about their awards and honors.

The Roman maxim De mortuis nil nisi bonum dicendum est (Let nothing but good be said of the dead) is the smokescreen for enshrining evil no matter what.

There's some catching up for this year, so let us begin, then.

Milton Friedman, who died of heart failure on Nov. 16, 2006, rot in hell, you bastard, for the millions of children, their parents, and the advocates who fought for them, who died of hunger, malnutrition, in sheer poverty, or tortured by the forces that idolized your maleficent ideas in Chile and other Third World countries.

Caspar Weinberger, died of pneumonia on March 28, 2006, not painfully enough, for a career of covering up for drug-dealing in the Reagan White House, lying to grand juries and war profiteering in such a way that resources that could have gone to heal and to build went to destroy and monger conflict. Rot in hell, you bastard!

Nominations for future RIH awards may be made at this e-mail.


Anonymous said...

(standing ovation) BRAVO!


~Chani (Thailand Gal)

George said...

What??? Just Casper and Milton? They're going to be awfully lonely in hell. Why not send the rest of the neo-coms and other exploiters of the human race also!

Hopefully, neither you nor I will join them but then I'm not so sure about you!!!

Anonymous said...

A friend and I have decided we are going to hell for our heretic and liberal views. But we really don't look forward to spending hell with some of the neocons,bushies, and fundies that we are sure will be there. More recently we have decided that that is the purpose of it, we are going there so that we can yell at them for the rest of eternity. Which will be a kind of heaven for us.