Saturday, July 14, 2007

My Virginia Boycott

First it was Herndon, now it's Prince William County. The Virginia yahoos are out with their pitchforks and getting inane local ordinances passed to vent their anti-immigrant spleen. How original of the cradle of slavery and Jim Crow!

My response? I will stop spending a penny in Virginia (just across the river from me).

I urge all who live too far from the Washington area to stop buying anything made in Virginia. That means the following:
  • No U.S. tobacco products unless labeled as made with tobacco from somewhere else.
  • No Virginia hams; Kentucky makes better ones.
  • No Virginia wines. This shouldn't pose too much of a challenge.
  • No Virginia airports. If you come to Washington, make sure you do not land in Reagan National or Dulles Airports, which are both in Virginia -- try Baltimore-Washington International, instead, which is in Maryland.
  • Refuse to do business with the Pentagon or the CIA at their headquarters -- in Virginia. Both have offices in Washington, D.C., and elsewhere.
  • Contact Virginia public officials informing them of your decision to cease contributing to Virginian xenophobia and racism:
  • Pass it on!
PS: Read a Washington Post story, one of many, here; go here for a taste of anti-immigrant rhetoric.


Anne said...

Okay, I'll gas up in Delaware & skip through Virginia on my way to N. Carolina in September. No peanut candy purchase. & definitely no speeding...I'm not up to paying an excessive ticket in order to build whatever highway project Virginia has dreamed up this season.

Joan said...

It would have been helpful to have had some more information on what has been happening in Virginia and why you feel a boycott would improve matters. Not that I had anticipated buying anything from there in any case!

Geneviève said...
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Geneviève said...
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thailandchani said...

I doubt anything from Virginia much makes its way out there. At any rate, though, I don't consider boycotts to be very effective.

This whole immigration thing has just become another socially sanctioned prejudice.



anne said...

" in January found Prince William spends at least $3 million on services to illegal aliens..."

I am just able to read the links in full tonight. I wonder how much money all the people and businesses who take advantage of the extremely cheap labor save.