Sunday, January 20, 2008

Unblocking the Writer

If you've noticed, I have been a bit blog blocked. Everything I considered writing about seemed trite, or said, or a clichè. So now I'm taking a new tack in hopes that the blogging juices will once again flow freely.

Beginning on Monday, Jan. 21, and through the rest of the year, I will do my version of the Times 365 blog meme. This is a project started by a blogger to mark his 40th year by remembering 365 people who left an impression, one day per person.

My fellow blogger Schmutzie has been doing this with startling results. She posts 50 words every day. She has joined x365. Being a less than compulsive individualist you would not want to have on your team, I'm making up my own rules for my own people project.

I will post one 30-word note on a real person I have met, from Monday through Friday each week, for 250 days, which I calculate will take me to the end of this year. Moreover, I will attempt to recall people in order of appearance in my life. (Got my numbers wrong, think I met you before I did? Sue me.)

I will, however, make every attempt to keep appropriately private the actual identities of those about whom I write.


Harmony said...

Are you planning on writing about other topics, also, such as the election, the economy, etc?

cacophony said...

Have you met several number one? And what about your infinite number?

jen said...

i was hoping to see a note to the fake people you've met too.

but perhaps that's just me.

Cecilieaux said...

I should have clarified -- thanks, Harmony -- that I would like this project merely to stir up the juices to write about other things. This is not the end of my little essays.