Wednesday, November 05, 2008

President-elect Obama

What a fine ring those words have! Otherwise, I am speechless, basking in the moment's glow.


Anonymous said...

I was so involved in the campaigns this past year and half.
I know that the spirit can be awaken.
It is time to support this change.
I am composing letters to my Congresswomen Elect Betsy Markey, who beat that... I need to be nice. That woman who in no way represented my values.
I plan to do the same to Senator Elect Udal and to President Elect Obama.
My letter is to let each of them know who Joe America is from my vantange point. Of course, I tend to have a circular view that is outward directed.
I hope to have the energy to stay involved and never in my lifetime allow this country to take that lower road that we have been on for sometime now.

Cecilieaux said...

Wonderful, anonymous Coloradan! Thoughtful repurposing!

Anonymous said...

A lot of Americans (particularly males) must have come to a serious realization. We (white American men) may be shocked to realize that we (WAM) are suddenly in the minority! How can this be? We have for so long considered ourselves to be God's chosen gender and nationality, how can HE screw up our status?

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I have wondered for a very long time how white people have dominated the world for so many centuries when they are numerically in the minority.

For this reason as well as for Obama's many excellent personal qualities, I am thrilled with our election results. There is no reason at all why white males should exclusively continue to represent a population as diverse as this one.

Diane in DC said...

It is so exciting! President-Elect Obama and Mayor Fenty went to Ben's Chili (a downhome Washington Institution) and Barack Obama asked in front of everyone "What's a half-smoke (a local popular sausage and hot dog combination) and then had one. Bill Cosby and Barack Obama and his family are the only ones who can eat for free at Ben's. It used to be just Bill Cosby who put the place on the map, so to speak.