Wednesday, April 01, 2009

1000 Readers

Call it sour grapes, dyspepsia or mere grumpiness, but I was flabbergasted to learn that a blog whose name itself is a bit edgy has 1,000 Google Reader subscribers (actually it's 1,136). This one has a mere 10.

OK, so there are other forms of subscribing to my blog, but even if I add up all those, this blog is still woefully out of the ballpark. That's not the point.

Here I go, offering insights into the way our politics and economics work and intertwine, trying to sort out philosophical questions, attempting the odd poem. I am offering pensées. My friends and a few new cyberacquaintances pop in now and then. Maybe 2 leave a comment.

But "Black Hockey Jesus," the blogger of the site noted above, posts an invitation to join his "cult" and posts something titled Suicidal Jesus, which -- yes, yes, yes -- is wickedly funny, and he gets 60 comments.

What's wrong with this picture?

7 comments: said...

I haven't made any comments recently because I don't feel sufficiently knowlegeable about those topics, but I do appreciate getting these postings.

Anne said...

There are a lot more idiots posting out there than we realized.

(In a hurry)


Geneviève said...

Is this your joke of April First?

Quality vs quantity, mon cher. Just as the readers of Paris Match ( a tabloid) can't be compared to the ones of Le Monde (like your NYT?) We, the elected ten, are astonished that you miss the 990 readers of less value, not very kind for us.:) Sigh. Jesus said : "Dans la Maison de mon Père, il y a beaucoup d'appelés mais peu d'élus" (In my Father's house there are many called and few elected?)

"readers", are not always "commenters". One can read and appreciate and not comment. As Joan says, we can feel like idiot in front of so much intelligence and be afraid of leaving a stupid comment, not at the level of the author....

Les Pensées of Cecileiaux are similar to the ones of Pascal : deep and difficult to understand at times, not, as Anne says, the easy or "fun" stuff, such as how my nauseous stomach is doing this morning, and how the diarrhea of my children is going, or see the pictures of all our nice family. If you want more readers you may attract them with a word such as "vagina" in the title ( like the one you quote, and BTW, how did you land on this one?)or you can speak of your last sex toy, or how you almost commited incest with your cousin. Fun stuff, you see.

Don't forget that Mozart or Van Gogh became famous after their death. Be patient.

PS me too I only have a dozen of faithful readers (hm, are you one of them?) The pleasure is overall, writing, isnt' t? ( and for the pleasure of ten (eh oh I am sure you exxagerate, there are at least 20 readers a day) anonymous grateful readers. Thank you. )

Hendaque said...

What's wrong with this picture?

You are an anomaly--you THINK.

You are also true to your convictions. You blog about your interests, although sometimes they all don't fit into a box of typical beliefs of one group or another.

Anonymous said...

You mean that there's 1,135 more listeners than me? Hell, I thought this was a one-to-one conversation between you and I!

heartinsanfrancisco said...

I'd never heard of this guy before so I clicked over from your link and read a few posts. And now I'm back here. Of course I'm only one person, but it's the best I can do.

I have no idea how many people, if any, subscribe to my blog. Nor do I have a site meter. I mostly write for the pleasure of it, and if they come or not is out of my hands. Still, it must be incredibly validating to have that many people reading ones efforts.

I just read your other comments, and agree with Genevieve's observation that key words having to do with sex are major drawing cards. The most popular blog I knew of until the one you wrote about was by a woman who wrote humorous anecdotes about her sexual adventures but stopped writing about a year ago. (Blogging was probably interfering with the activities she was blogging about.)

You will not appeal to everyone, Cecil, but in my opinion, titillation of the brain is much harder to accomplish than the other kind. So just deal with it, ok?

Anonymous said...

This reminds me of the T-shirt that says, "More people read my T-shirt than your Blog" - it calls for a smile!