Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Coakley -- Change You're Forced to Put Up With

How did it come to this in exactly one year? Last January 20 I was freezing my butt off trying to find my way to the area of the presidential inauguration to which I had tickets. Everything was so hopeful. Today the guys in the black hats have won their obstructionist spot: they have nothing to offer, so they block.

Frankly, the Democratic politicians deserve what they got. President Obama proved to be a wimp, Senate Majority Leader Reid proved to be nothing of the sort, House Speaker Pelosi proved she couldn't politick her way out of a paper bag.

It was a new era of change we could believe in, of hope, of peace. Instead we got endless war, derailed health care reform, same old same old. Martha Coakley proved to be a worse candidate than Virginia's Creigh Deeds, which I didn't believe possible!

So now, Fast Eddie's seat goes to the 41st Republican senator, the one who can shut the whole thing down. Let's all close the store and go fishin'.


Anonymous said...

Good idea – fishing. Shutting the whole thing down is even better. The mistake was in believing anything was going to change. An even worse mistake was to think that that change could have a messianic quality in it. Humans continue to be human. Why is that a surprise? -Gayle

Anne said...

Combining comments on Haiti with the state of our country, I think of Robertson who said Haiti had made a pack with the devil. In my view, it is we (the US) who've done so. With the exception of a phenomenal few like the 10,000+ volunteer/non-profit organizations of people who were already a presence, on the ground, in Haiti prior to the earthquake, the rest of us are just a vicious people.

Not happy with my world, Anne