Saturday, July 03, 2010

The Will to Be Blond

In a discussion of whether we have free will — we don't —I suddenly became fascinated with the imaginary possibility that we could decide our physical beings, pretty much the way we can design an avatar.

I would give myself my overall body as it was when I was somewhere between 17 to 23: thinner, more limber, more easily renewed of energy and vitality.

Then, what if I had the ability to change coloring? I could literally make my skin green with envy or red with anger, look a reflective albino pale if I was crossing a street at night or greenish if I was trying to surprise someone (for something like a birthday, at a picnic.

The color toggle could apply also to hair and eyes. I could be blond or redheaded and have those blue-green-gray irises that change with the mood.

To improve on the present body, I'd make myself permanently and invincibly immune to the common cold and STDs.

And, hey, while I'm playing, maybe I could design some “template” appearances that I could change in and out of, like a suit.

Just imagine what you could do ...

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Geneviève said...

"free" and "will" have both their limits