Monday, January 03, 2011

Consumer Rights in a Corporate Internet

Now that the Internet is about to be swallowed up by governments and giant multinational corporations, let's assert some basic rights as consumers. After all, if it's just going to be a service we pay for, let's get our money's worth, at a minimum.

If the United States of MicroVeriGoo will be in charge, on our dime, let's demand:
  • no more tweeting and status-updating involving the trivia of everyday life (we don't care what you're cooking for dinner);
  • no more endless comments by people who obviously have never read the words they're attempting to write (we do so need edyucashun);
  • no more scams, by Nigerians or European software companies alike; and
  • no more spam.
If the USM can't do that, let's just take our business elsewhere. (Fidonet, here we return ...)

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