Wednesday, September 14, 2011

My readers' top 10 are a complete puzzle

Who are these people reading my blog? A look at my stats shows that the top pageviews went to essentially humorous and (to my mind) largely trivial posts. I realize that to bloggers who get thousands of hits a day and tend or even hundreds of comments, my numbers are puny. But, still, they provide a sense of priorities.

Here they are, as follows:
  1. But She's a Commoner!, Nov 17, 2010: 3 comments; a whopping 5,838 page views!
  2. Dulce et Decorum Est?, Sept 11, 2005: 854 page views.
  3. The Elephant in the Blog, Sep 21, 2007: 115 comments; 502 page views.
  4. Who is an Anglo?, Aug 15, 2007: 11 comments; 480 page views.
  5. Why do the heathen rage, July 5, 2009: 4 comments; 346 page views.
  6. Felicitous? -- A True Fable, Sep 17, 2007: 254 comments, 293 page views.
  7. Values vs. Ethics, Sep 7, 2007: 9 comments; 215 page views.
  8. The Burqa and the Thong, Feb 12, 2010, 7 comments;182 page views.
  9. Predatory Men, Predatory Women, May 31, 2007: 15 comments; 155 page views.
  10. Goodbye, Uptown Cathay, Jul 9, 2010: 1 comment; 90 page views.
All right, I get no. 1: everybody was tuned into the royal wedding.

And no. 3 is the sequel to no. 6, both precipitated by an invading swarm of British trolls, scallawags and sundry other nether creatures (note the high number of comments).

No. 2 is one of my personal favorites (see under "Favorite Posts," left), yet it didn't garner any comment. I had no idea that many people were drawn to it.

But no. 4 got hits mostly from Britain before the horde. I guess Brits were experiencing an identity crisis that day.

Then no. 5 was a whimsical think piece that meandered through religion, literature, psychology and I tagged philosophy to cover them all. Didn't expect this.

Nos. 8 and 9: obvious.

No. 7 got many hits from India and the Middle East. Soul searching in distant lands?

Then there's no. 10, about a neighborhood restaurant. Who knew so many people cared?

You people are strange.

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