Monday, November 07, 2005

Dan Quayle eyes

Hitting a deer's rump with a car makes such a loud noise. A thump that's more than a thump, but just short of an explosion.

You wonder what's broken. You're amazed that the animal gets up and walks away.

Then you stop. Later on. Where you can stop safely.

You'd swerved. You almost missed the animal. A few inches more and it would have been a clean getaway for both of you.

The headlight on the side that nicked the deer is smashed to smithereens. How did the deer do that and walk away?

You think of the deer's eyes ... Dan Quayle eyes ... eyes caught in a headlight. You'd honked. You swerved, you braked. You almost killed yourself.

Damned car! Should've walked.


Anonymous said...

Maybe you should have thrown a potatoe at the deer.

Anonymous said...

People have died because they've swerved trying to avoid hitting a deer, or other animal in the road. Word of advice from an EMT, who's seen way too many head-on collisions - cars crossing the line to avoid an animal - the animal lived, the people died.... HIT THE DAMN DEER! Don't swerve. Don't go into the ditch, the trees, or the oncoming lane of traffic. Live, fly, be free.